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There is a lot to say about this amazing retreat, I don’t know where to begin. From the acknowledgement of the traditional owners at the start, to the various activities and lovely farewell, the entire weekend was uplifting and exactly what my body and soul craved.

As for the food, who knew that nourishing food could be so delicious? There is one particular dessert recipe that I will be sure to replicate over and over again in my own kitchen.

The educational workshops gave me the tools and motivation to incorporate changes into my everyday life. Best of all was the company and friendships that formed among the intimate group of like-minded people. Race, thank you for being you, the beautiful human that you are. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us, you taught me a lot.

Thank you for introducing me to your world of serenity and helping me to reconnect with my inner soul.



I want to thank you for an amazing retreat. It was jam packed with fun, fitness info and meditation. I felt that my mind, body and spirit were not only nourished but revitalised as well.

What made this a great retreat is that the fact that it is run by someone who lives what you teach. I felt honoured and privileged that you shared passion & expertise which you dedicated years to attain.

The fact that I left with practical and simple exercises, that I was able to implement on a daily basis to improve my fitness and sense of mental, physical and spiritual well being, makes this retreat valuable and I am glad I invested time and effort to attend.

Thanks for the high quality services you provide by sharing your knowledge and passion.

– Jade Safein



Thank you so much Race…had an awesome time..food, surrounds and company was amazing! ✨Body and mind feel fantastic…

– Amy Shields










I would like to thank Race for her training practices, her personalised routine for me was exactly what i needed, she is a compentent reliable and friendly trainer who i would highly recommend to all.

– Company Director, McGoldrick Frames P/L, Haez McGoldrick






A big thank you from my heart and soul for having me on your recent retreat.

Every second of it was perfect. From the guided meditations, massage, exercises, delicious food and the laughs we shared. You cared and supported each member of our gorgeous group the whole time.

Loved being a part of it and glad to have met such wonderful people. Looking forward to doing all this again.

– Sadie Hanna




Where do I start. From the moment I arrived at this retreat I felt so welcomed. This retreat was amazing.

Race Redomra what can i say. What a beautiful person. Why? Because she was so committed and passionate about everything i learnt on this retreat. She put her heart and soul in this and it shows. We were all given special attention for all the activities and were always given the opportunity to go at our own pace.

Thank u so much for this opportunity. Especially for me on how to reconnect with myself. And also to the whole group who have become a part of this journey.

– Josie Miate


When I first started training with Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness, I hadn’t worked on my fitness in a long time and meditation in even longer.

With the enthusiasm and knowledge passed on from Race I now have the drive to improve my strength, fitness and balance each week. Finishing up my sessions at sunset makes the meditation extremely rewarding giving me a buzz that makes me feel great about myself and looking forward to my next session.

– Toxic Avengers Roller Derby, VIC: Clara Wadsworth



Thanks so much for a wonderful retreat, Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness.

The food was so fresh, hearty, generous and really delicious! It was great to be enjoying clean vego food that is the best for my health! Thanks so much for happily catering for my specific needs being vegan and gluten free too!

-California, USA:  Holly Smyth


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