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All About Us

Everyone’s joining online fitness and wellbeing programmes and going on health retreats… but we are truly unique!


tattoo-cherry-star-designAs a martial arts, meditation and personal trainer, I have empathised with many people over the years, sharing with me of their struggles in trying to maintain a consistent balance of fitness, happiness and love for life.


People were often reporting a regular pattern before they came to me. They would get a burst of motivation and try countless strict, expensive programmes and rigid systems which promised fast and extreme results.


Some found it just all too difficult and time consuming.  Some had been proud of extreme achievements especially in the areas of weight loss or muscle building. One of the biggest problems I heard countless times was that they would end up going back to their old self soon after the program was over. It made me so sad that It just wasn’t sustainable.


When someone puts so much time and money into activities they don’t genuinely enjoy, and don’t even give them the permanent results they’re looking for, these practices and products gradually dwindle out of their routines. They end up becoming nothing but a past fad.


Feeling defeated, this was where they would end up running back into pure escapism, and social over indulgences.


Often they would then go and spend even more money on “happiness fixes” such as boozy expensive holidays or other hollow unhealthy comforts.


It became really clear to me how easy it is, for people with good intentions and who do care about their health, to end up on a never ending rollercoaster ride of ups and downs with their fitness, moods, motivation, weight and general well-being.


They never really seem to be able to connect into the health and happiness that they could be living in… regularly.


I really took note about how my friends and clients, the ambitious high flyers of the alternative cultures,  just didn’t relate to the boring and sterile superficial mainstream health, beauty and fitness marketing imagery that bombards us.  Many of us don’t dig it at all, find it ugly and even quite funny!


I have coined the term ‘Mainstream Superiority Complex” (MSC).

About Our Star Creatures Friends Circle Online Memberships

membership adCheesy mainstream extreme fitness is for the mainstream mob!
We need OUR OWN body positive awesome fitness and wellbeing culture.
ESPECIALLY for the cool ambitious successful high fliers of the alternative cultures…of all ages and genders…and your time is here!


You are all busy bees, who are out there making your amazing mark on the world. You certainly haven’t gotten to where you are now by following the masses. You need to do things your own unique way as you have always naturally done.
You desperately want to be ultra fit as well as deeply chilled out, but you simply don’t have enough spare time.


Freethinkers need a way that flows perfectly with our own diverse and inclusive taste in what’s hot.
It’s a world first, and we are the one and only original (just like you!)
We will be offering limited exclusive and VIP memberships to join our Star Creatures Circles.
Roll like the Rock Stars! Once you’re in, you’ll be joining our awesome community of kindred spirits.
I will be guiding you along the way, and sharing my 28 years of expertise with you.


You will be receiving our highly valuable and extremely effective “Star Creatures 5 Step Methodology”.


This pioneering methodology is so effortless to use that you can rock your most awesome star self in no time!


> You’ll get ultra fit, look and feel healthy, hot and amazing!
> You’ll be able to deeply chill out putting a permanent smile on your dial!
> I will share with you the magic of how you can eat more, yet lose weight or maintain a healthy weight through delicious clean eating.
> You will find yourself experiencing deep soul serenity.
> You can relax….knowing that your ultimate fitness and wellbeing goals are finally sorted out. Sustainably. Once and for all. For life.


Using this awesome methodology this happens almost effortlessly. The most fabulous part is that once you have gotten the hang of it, tuning into your “Star Creature” or your highest possible self simply will happen.
In fact, it is inevitable.


Visit our members page to check it all out:

About Our Wholistic Fitness Retreats
(as reported in the Spiritual Events Directory 2014)

tattoo-cherry-hearts-designStar Creatures Wholistic Fitness was conceptualised and founded by first degree black belt and highly successful personal trainer, Race Redomra in 2007.


Star Creatures eventually transitioned into providing high luxury, rock star style retreats and one day mini quick escapes.


During the Wholistic Fitness Retreats guests experience full rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. A dream holiday that’s good for you! The private, ocean-side, rock-star style high luxury villa on Bali’s remote mid west coast, is set on 1.8 hectares overlooking serene rice fields and is surrounded by incredible tropical walking gardens. A range of awesome activities are offered….and are always optional. With plentiful free time, you can fully immerse yourself in the amazing high luxury villa facilities.


Race created these retreats, to give her favourite clients and friends access to delving deeper into each step in her amazing proven highly effective methodology, allowing them to learn quickly and in a very focused way. The retreats and one day events being held in such beautiful settings means that you can access the fitness and wellbeing sessions while immersing yourself in the pleasure and pampering delivered by her amazing team.


Star Creatures massage therapists and clean food catering team consists of people who have been hand picked and welcomed to join the perfect team. They share a deep compatibility in alternative health philosophies. They also share passionate guest support ethics and are revered experts in their areas.
Race smiles when describing her wholistic fitness retreats which contain the wisdom of her lifes work.


“Its a guilt-free healthy holiday…that’s good for you!”


She goes on to explain,
“The Star Creature within all of us simply means to be our ultra fittest, sparkliest, healthiest, most balanced, evolved, creative, compassionate, heart centred, fabulous, happiest and therefore most successful shining star that we can be.  At least for as much of the time as possible…we are human after all!”
she says with an infectious laugh.


Race and her team are known for supporting members to firstly tune into and then fully embrace the fitness, sports and relaxation styles that they genuinely love doing. They support you to keep it going whether it be soccer, scenic hiking, kayaking, weights and classes, or roller derby. They say “It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you love doing it”.


While on retreat, guests have the fully optional choice of joining the “Wholistic Fitness” Sessions which are held in the great outdoors. There are literally thousands of health retreats offering the same common practices as each other, but Star Creatures is the only one of its kind incorporating the Zen Martial Arts working with traditional warrior practice as well as gentle “kata”.



Energetically, you are supported to shift stagnant energy out of your entire being, while bringing in the fresh and positive. This also provides an awesome workout! Everyone is carefully catered to, no matter what your fitness level. Race’s well known experience in creating highly effective weight loss and healthy eating plans, coupled with an awesome passion for delicious, clean (and hearty!) veg and raw food, saw her getting amazing results for her clients. You even get served up rich and delicious desserts that taste naughty but are actually really nice.


As a natural Empath, Race delivers deep transformation, healing and intense positive motivation through her highly original methods and the guided zen meditations are really easy to follow. Her friendly approach is genuine, light hearted and highly creative. She comes from a heart-centered place in her connections with people. With an impressive list of study, experience and expertise in martial arts, professional dance, music, creative performance art as well as the healing arts, Race runs her retreats with a certain uniqueness that only someone who has truly aligned precisely with their souls purpose can do.


Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness Retreats are for everyone who want to join an alternative fitness culture! They are for people who prefer preventative therapies, believe in the magic and synchronicities of life, embracing natural health and wellbeing practices rather than conventional approaches.


Star Creatures is very proud to be an ACON sponsored ‘LGTBQ safe place’ which means that they have been awarded the title of ‘A zone free of All types of Discrimination’. Race wholeheartedly celebrates diversity and inclusivity.


“I think it should go without saying…..but Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness supports absolute equality in gender identity, culture, race, orientations, age, socio-economic background, body types, choice of lifestyles, spiritual beliefs, age, ability…. choice of body art or hair-do! No one will be judged here on any of that silliness” she says with a big warm smile.”
“People do tend to tune into their innate wild side though, once they are comfortable with a group of quirky kindred spirits….I love that”.


She explains how her awesome guests contribute hugely to the magic of each retreat, just by bringing their special presence.


“This is how we connect to the synchronicity taking place…each group creates it’s own beautiful and unique energy, naturally”.


Race describes the Star Creatures team as a  friendly, down to earth, cruisy bunch.
“I’m not one of those self proclaimed guru types”
She laughs,
“The truth is, I just simply adore supporting rad, switched on and highly ambitious people. I actually feel really privileged to be able to pass on the knowledge I have been lucky enough to attain through this wonderful life so far.”


Check out the upcoming retreats


“An Awesome Alternative” “You Need It You’ll Love It“.
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