Wholistic Heart & Soul Volunteering Project - Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness Retreats
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Wholistic Heart & Soul Volunteering Project


“Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness Philosophy has a strong focus on simple balance. Maintaining a healthy spiritual self is just as important as physical health….because it’s all connected.  I am strong believer in supporting important causes through contributing our energy.


Financial donations are a necessary resource of many “not-for-profit” groups but I believe that it’s the volunteers who become the backbone of many important causes.


Volunteering has a magical element to it. Put simply….it brings human beings together….and that is always……a very positive thing.”

– Race Redomra, Owner/Sensai/Head Instructor


During our International retreats, guests have the fully optional choice of contributing to an important local community cause. As a part of your few fabulous days with us, there will be some free time where you may join us on a day trip to contribute your beautiful energy to our chosen local community cause. When booking in, just let us know that you’re keen to participate!


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