Getting to know Race - Owner/Sensai, Head Instructor - Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness Retreats
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Getting to know Race – Owner/Sensai, Head Instructor

racepicI was an intense, highly sensitive child, a creative little free spirit who spent most of my time either dancing..carefully learning music video choreography in my lounge room, hanging out with my beautiful animals or sitting up at the top of the tall tree in my front yard. I also spent a lot of time “down the bush” as my family called some near-bye untouched land where I would simply sit alone by the creek and watch the water birds. I didn’t realise back then that I was an empath, but I knew that I could sense the true feelings of others. I was faced with some very challenging situations growing up.


Being the “pink sheep” of the family, has certainly had it’s deep emotional challenges. The light side of this experience I believe, is that it’s given me an understanding on a deep soul level, how important it is to be included and accepted as “belonging” (even if you are different to the majority!).


Without this, we struggle to provide for ourselves a sense of security and identity. Only the strongest of us get there. I am truly grateful that the universe has provided me with the strength and innate optimism that I have. I’m also eternally grateful for the family and friends who are in my life…the loving kindred spirits and positive souls, brave and like minded creative beings, that have become my soul family. These people mean the world to me…hence the words tattooed on an art piece on my arm “Qui con la mia famiglia anima” meaning “here with my soul family”.


I have so far lived what I would consider to be a very full and exciting life, circumstances allowing me to follow my inner voice and magnetism to explore all things that inspired me at that particular time. I am genuinely so grateful to have had the chance to form as a spirit in an authentic way. With dance, theatre, music, martial arts and healing as my foundation, I found so much creative freedom and identity during the late 90’s and early 2000’s in being able to explore Sydney’s unique and certainly amazing, arts and cultural underground! Fronting as vocalist in live bands, performance art and theartrical burlesque allowed me to work along side artists who have rocked the very foundations of Sydney’s creative arts.


Today, in my early 40’s, I still love wild creativity in all it’s forms and being naturally a very social person I intend on embracing and enjoying all of the arts way way into the future! In saying that, I’m really a bit of a minimalist and don’t care much for material things….I lead a pretty simple Martial Artists’ life in much of my day to day living.


I am moved by colour and shadows, watching city lights from up high, the smell of horses… the bush and country. I am mesmerized by Auslan sign dancing and by artists Mark Ryden, and the both late Frida Carlo and Aussie ValiMyers. I’m enchanted by huge old trees which have been bottom lit with green light and fresh flowers arranged among crystals. Oh yeah……and I will always love my steam punk boots 😉


My absolute favorite natural visual is of the sun reflecting and sparking on the water. This “dimension” has a deeply personal and spiritual meaning to me that I have shared with very few.

I hope this helps to give you a little snapshot into who I am, and what has inspired me to make my retreats so unique and accessible to the fellow free-thinkers out there.

You’re all very welcome to join us :-), Love Race


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